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<div class=”modal-body”> <h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Reservation Agreement and Payment Authorization</h2> <p>We are excited to have you as a Kaiser Vacation Rentals guest. We want you to have the best possible experience so encourage you to review our booking policies. We are here for you if you have any questions or need clarification.</p> <p><strong>Cancellations</strong></p> <p><strong>Cancellations and changes must be made prior to the final payment to be eligible for refund or transfer of funds, less a $50 cancellation fee. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival date when booking homes with three (3) bedrooms or less; and 60 days prior to your arrival date on homes with four (4) bedrooms or more. The reservation processing fee is separate and is non-refundable.</strong></p> <p><strong>ALL RENTAL HOMES ARE NON-SMOKING.</strong></p> <p><strong>Beach Home Rentals</strong><br> Many of our homes require minimum length stays. During the summer season most require a 7-night minimum and only rent Saturday to Saturday.<br> Monthly rentals are available</p> <p><strong>Reservation Priority for our Repeat Guests</strong><br> As a special consideration for our valued guests, you have the first option to reserve the same property for the same time next year. Give us a call or stop by during your stay. The property will be released for general availability at 10 a.m. on your departure day.</p> <p><strong>Occupancy</strong><br> Occupancy is limited to the actual sleeping capacity shown in the property description including children. For your comfort, bunk beds and sofa beds are not recommended for adults.</p> <p><strong>Minimum Age Requirement</strong><br> NO property will be rented to persons under the age of 25. The renter must closely and personally supervise all occupants of a property under the age of 25 years of age. Any reservation obtained under false pretenses may be subject to loss of rent and/or eviction.</p> <p><strong>Check-in/Check-out Times</strong><br> Check in time begins at 4:00p.m. If your property is ready for occupancy earlier than 4:00 p.m. we will notify you through Guest Connect so you may check-in early. During peak times properties may take longer to prepare and check-in time may be delayed.</p> <p>Check-out time is at 10:00 a.m. Departure from the premises is required by or before the specified checkout time.</p> <p><strong>Departure Instructions</strong><br> Please make sure the kitchen is left with dishes clean or in the dishwasher and all trash removed. At beach houses, you are responsible for removal of any items you left on the grounds around the property.</p> <p><strong>Furnishings</strong><br> All of our properties are privately owned and their décor and furnishings reflect the owner’s personal taste. You may view our properties at <a href=””></a>. In all of our properties, you will be provided with bed linens, essential kitchen items, start up supply of soap and paper products, and bath towels. Don’t forget to bring your beach towels.</p> <p>We want your stay to be relaxing and enjoyable, so we make every effort to maintain our vacation properties in their best possible condition. We will handle any necessary repairs during your stay as quickly as possible; our maintenance staff is available after hours for emergency repairs.</p> <p>Rates, descriptions (including bed sizes), furnishings, amenities (including pools, hot tubs, etc.) and availability are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE. No refunds will be issued for changes made by individual property owners or unavailable amenities.</p> <p><strong>Substitution</strong><br> While it is uncommon, occasionally a property may become unavailable. Substitution of comparable properties may be made without notice or liability, should the property you reserved become unavailable for rent. You may choose a comparable available property at the published rate or receive a refund.</p> <p><strong>Accidents and Damages</strong><br> Accommodations and amenities are provided for your enjoyment. By using these facilities, you assume responsibility and liability for your actions. Neither the property owner, Kaiser Vacation Rentals Inc, nor the Owner’s Association assume any liability for accidents or injuries.</p> <p>By renting a property you are assuming all risk of liability for any damage done to person or property, agents, employees or visitors occasioned by the present or future condition of the premises. In the event that damages occur during your occupancy you agree to authorize Kaiser Vacation Rentals Inc to charge the cost of such damages to the credit card guaranteeing payment. You also agree to be responsible for and reimburse the property owner for any applicable costs and attorney’s fees incurred for collection of damages. Neither Kaiser Vacation Rentals Inc nor the owner will be responsible for accidents or injury to guest or loss of money or valuables of any kind.</p> <p>Property may not be used for any unlawful purpose.</p> <p><strong>Internet/Cable/Phone Service</strong><br> Some properties provide internet and phone service. If provided, internet and phone service are not guaranteed. Kaiser Vacation Rentals will make every effort to have service restored, but does not provide rate adjustments or refunds based on service disruptions.</p> <p><strong>Construction</strong><br> Our area is experiencing rapid growth. The property you reserve may be adjacent or near construction areas. We regret any inconvenience this may cause but cannot control these situations. Even if there is no construction at the time of booking situations continue to change. Refunds will not be issued due to ongoing construction.</p> <p><strong>Sales</strong><br> If a property is listed for sale there may be an agent requesting to show the property to a prospective buyer. We will make every effort to schedule to show the property at a time convenient to you.</p> <p><strong>Confirmation</strong><br> You will receive a confirmation letter after we receive your advance payment. Please contact us immediately if you find a discrepancy, otherwise it will be assumed correct. Please verify:</p> <ul> <li>Arrival and Departure Dates</li> <li>Reserved Accommodation</li> <li>Rental amount due</li> <li>Occupancy</li> </ul> <p><strong>Payment Information</strong><br> A 20% advance deposit is required at the time of booking. To avoid cancellation, final payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival date when booking homes with three (3) bedrooms or less; and 60 days prior to your arrival date on homes with four (4) bedrooms or greater. If your arrival is within those days the full amount of the reservation is due at time of booking.</p> <p>We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cashier’s checks and travelers’ checks. You may mail a check for the initial payment or the balance payable to Kaiser Vacation Rentals Inc, PO Box 5092, Gulf Shores, AL 36547.</p> <p>A non-refundable processing fee is charged on all reservations. This fee and the advance rent payment are due at the time of making the reservation to avoid cancellation.</p> <p>There is a hospitality fee that covers housekeeping and amenities. This fee varies based on the size of the property and number and size of beds.</p> <p>Lodging tax varies according to property location.</p> <p>Guests are responsible for payment of all nights reserved, regardless of actual arrival and departure date. There are no refunds for early departure.</p> <p><strong>Payment Authorization:</strong><br> I agree that this credit card authorization and any other payment methods may be electronically signed. I agree that the electronic signatures appearing on this credit card authorization or other payment forms are the same as handwritten signatures for the purpose of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.</p> <p>Permission is hereby granted to Kaiser Vacation Rentals, Inc. to process the credit card(s) provided during the online booking at <a href=””></a> or over the phone. If the credit card was provided through another channel, such as VRBO, I authorize Kaiser Vacation Rentals to send an invoice for my initial and final payment. Please note that VRBO and many other online advertisers do not provide us with your payment information. Book directly at <a href=””></a> to get the best rate.</p> <p>I agree that this credit card authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate until 45 days after leased premises are vacated. I agree that Kaiser Vacation Rentals Inc may process additional charges including but not limited to:</p> <ul> <li>Damages beyond normal wear and tear</li> <li>Excessive Cleaning</li> <li>Violations of the reservation agreement</li> <li>Unauthorized charges on any of the property owners accounts</li> </ul> <p><strong>Cancellations</strong><br> Cancellations and changes must be made prior to the final payment to be eligible for refund or transfer of funds, less a $50 cancellation fee. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival date when booking homes with three (3) bedrooms or less; and 60 days prior to your arrival date on homes with four (4) bedrooms or more. The reservation processing fee is separate and is non-refundable.</p> <p><strong>Travel Protection Insurance</strong><br> Kaiser Vacation Rentals has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Sun Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Sun Trip Preserver provides cancellation and interruption services as well as emergency assistance and travel services. Protect yourself in the event of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. The travel insurance is optional, and the cost is 6.95% of your total reservation stay. Lock your policy in early, for the most coverage it is strongly recommended you purchase with your first booking deposit. Premium is non-refundable after 14 days of purchase.</p> <p>To learn more about Sun Trip Preserver or to file a claim, please visit: <a href=””></a></p> <p><strong>Parking</strong><br> Parking space varies based on the property you select. Ask our guest service professionals for details. Motor home/travel trailer hook-up is not allowed.</p> <p><strong>Pets</strong><br> We love our pets too! But pets are not allowed in any of our properties. A pet of any evidence of a pet found on the premises is cause for eviction and forfeiture of rent.</p> <p><strong>Items Left Behind</strong><br> Although we are not responsible for items left behind, we will attempt to locate and return them to you. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity or discarded. Please go to the link below to report your lost item.</p> <p><a href=””></a></p> </div>